Sunday, 30 September 2018

Craft stash (part 2).....
Out of hundreds of enteries I was chosen as one of eight people to go to Craft Stash for the colouring workshop!! I was soooo excited!

We travelled up the night before and stayed in a hotel a short walk from Craft Stash HQ.
Next morning I made my way down for 10.15 ( i was first to arrive and a bit early but hey ho)
Arriving at Craft Stash HQ
Omg!! The offices are a buzz of departments and busy people with interesting products and magazines out for all to see! What I loved the most was the colours!!!! It is a very colourful place to work (maybe one day if I am lucky) 
I was taken into what used to be the FB live studio (before they got the new one this year) and there was Claire Rowlands and Janette Lane. Both took time to speak with everyone and made us all feel welcome and at ease. 
Me with Clare Rowlands 
The workshop got under way ( we did 2 projects on the day) we were given a demo and then encouraged to dive in. We were given one to one tips and support if we needed it and we just generally chatted all morning. Nicky Gilbert editor of my FAVORITE mag Creative stamping popped in to say hi to us all and see how we were getting on, I had a lovely chat with Nicky.

Nicky and I, she has the BEST mag!
Just as I was starting to get the hang of what we were doing it was lunch time and I don't think any of us wanted to stop colouring! We were having such a lovely time.
We had a lovely lunch with Clare, Jenette and Hillary in a room with all the up to date magazine's in it, I was first to peruse the shelf I love the craft magazines!
They filmed two fb live's thoughout the day, which as a fb live regular was so exciting to watch and be a part of!!
The afternoon session was slightly different we distressed paper and used punches and glued onto wood before colouring but it was great fun! I learnt so much from Clare and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity! Before we left I spent some time talking to Janette and then Claire Rogers who hosted fb live with Janette came in and I got to chat with both of them. It was so lovely and I was touched they took time out of their day for me!
With the fb live team!
I had the MOST amazing day, and we were treated so well by the Pratical Publishing team. I can not thank them enough...although my bank balance won't be so happy when I have bought all the supplies I tried on the day and now want!! Xoxo
One of the Daisy Mae images we coloured on the workshop 

Friday, 28 September 2018

Craft Stash (part one)......

About a year ago I found the most amazing resource for all things crafty when I stumbled over a site called Craft Stash. At that point they were running a weekly competition called Monday madness on their Facebook page and I started entering and watching their Friday Facebook live. Due to an accident I was spending a lot of time home alone but for a short time every Friday I had company and soon I was chatting away in comments every week and the presenters were starting to recognise my name. I had become a regular! One week just before xmas I even won that weeks mon madness  (pic below of part of prize) but to me it was not just entering comps, it was company and great offers that kept me tuning in. A little Craft Stash family was born! 

Fast forward to September 2018 and I found a money can't buy prize on the Craft Stash website. A day at Craft Stash doing a colour workshop with Clare Rowlands of Daisy Mae designs. What a dream come true prize! I had to enter even tho it was over 200 miles from home  (see map) I didn't think I stood a chance anyway!

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Hello and welcome to my blog.
I will be posting all about my crafting journey on this blog, from tutorials on different techniques or folds, products I have found and liked or just news in general.

I also have a Facebook page called Cards by Kate (link below) the page is updated regularly and has all the cards I have made on it, from when I started out a year ago and trying to find my feet to present day makes. It is really interesting to track my progress and I have come a long way in a year so I am very excited to see what the future holds. Please feel free to give my page a like and a follow