Wednesday, 2 January 2019

                    Newdoer markers review

I saw these on Amazon before Xmas and put them on my wishlist but when I didn't get them for Xmas I treated myself 2 days ago. They are currently £30 (free delivery) and you get 100 in the pack.

They come in sweet carry case with a draw system so no need to buy fancy storage! It doesn't take up much room for storing when not in use and the draw system is great for when you are working with them as it allows u to see all the colours and have easy access.
Sadly the markers are not numbered however if you use a permanent marker you can number the draws.

The markers themselves feel cheap ( but what do you expect for £30!?) The majority of the lids came away easily when I was making my colour chart and they do click on the end of the marker so you don't have a loose lid rolling around your desk.
They are duel tipped - one end is brush tipped the other end is a fine liner.
Surprisingly for a cheap markers they are really nice to use. They are comfortable to hold and the colours blend nicely.
There is no colourless blender in the pack.
I would definitely recommend these markers. They are brilliant for a beginner on a budget but equally an experienced colourist is going to get great results with them at a fraction of the cost of Copics.